Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another great weekend

Hopefully by now all our retreat attendees will have caught up on their much needed sleep. I always find it interesting to look around and there's definitely two distinct groups. The ladies who go to bed early and are the first to return in the morning, and the group who don't want to leave.......I fall into the latter group. Thankfully I've caught up on my sleep and am also still enjoying the post retreat feeling of a time well spent. It's a great time to catch up with your dear friends and to make new ones. As Barbi mentioned during the retreat, there's nothing better than listening to the steady hum of women's voices as they talk together. The retreat is a great time of catching up on your projects but it's so much much more. The store, becomes a haven, a sanctuary for the weekend. A short time where the normal cares of everyday are given a back seat. It's a time where you can recharge your ideas and thoughts as you share with other women, learning from like minded souls and also receiving a listening ear and wisdom from those around you. It was lovely to hear all the positive feedback after the event. Thanks ladies for making it a fun weekend.

To avoid disappointment, please make sure that your name is down for future retreats, even those beyond 2011. I know many of you have checked your bookings for the remainder of this year, but please ensure that your name is on the list for others you wish to attend. We do ask that you pay a deposit of $25 when you place your name on the list when it gets closer to the date. As we've mentioned before, deposits not paid when required, will mean you forfeit your place. As we don't want to disappoint anyone, please make sure your name is on the retreats you wish to attend, as they fill up very quickly.

It's hard to think that February is all but done and dusted. One sixth of the year has already passed us by. What memories have you created thus far?

On Thursday of this week we have Barbi's usual class at 9.30am. On Friday this week, the cardmakers gather for their Friendship group at 9.30am. After lunch at 1pm, Barbi will have her Heritage class. The cardmakers are meeting for their monthly Friendship Group on Saturday and commence at 10am.

Metallic Stickers are on special this week, you need to buy 5 for the great price of $9. You don't need to remember your voucher anymore.

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